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FLIR® – Therma Cam BX320
FLIR infrared cameras give you the power to see the invisible. With a FLIR camera, you can see and document the telltale temperature differences that show moisture damage, missing insulation, air infiltration, and many other building problems faster than any other technology.

You can even create customized reports for customers and insurance companies to justify your repairs and validate the quality of your work.

Missing Insulation
Find areas with missing or damaged insulation quickly by detecting the temperature differences compared to surrounding areas.

Water Damage
Locate and repair hidden water damage quickly before small problems become big, expensive ones, and provide documented proof of your repairs.

Air Infiltration
Detect air leaks around windows, doors, and other structures. Repairing air leaks saves energy and money.

Electrical Problems
Finding hidden electrical problems is easy with a FLIR camera, enabling you to make timely, efficient repairs.

HVAC Problems
Discover heating and cooling duct leaks, problems with air conditioners and heaters, and troubleshoot radiant flooring components to maximize energy efficiency.

Mold and Rot
Expose the hidden water leaks that can lead to extensive – and expensive – mold and rot damage by seeing hidden temperature differences.

Missing insulation shows up clearly.

Water damage is easy to see with FLIR cameras.

Air leaks around an improperly installed window.

AOverloaded circuit in breaker panel.

A malfunctioning section of radiant flooring.

An undetected shower leak causes mold.