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Across Canada and throughout North America, the professionals at CONCRETE RESTORATION SERVICES are recognized as experts in the development and application of advanced, long lasting concrete preservation and enhancement techniques.

This knowledge and experience is valuable, and in great demand. For that reason
CONCRETE RESTORATION SERVICES provides comprehensive project and application consulting services to a broad range of clients, including engineering, architectural and construction firms, federal, regional and municipal governments, public and private utilities and a host of other organizations that require the insight and skill that has contributed to the success of.

CONCRETE RESTORATION SERVICES is a leader in all areas of concrete project consulting. Our professional team has the proven experience and skills to offer excellent advice on a range of specialized services including Surface Preparation; Specialty & Decorative Coatings; Composite Reinforcing; Specialized Grouting; Structural Repairs & Restoration; and special services such as Slab Jacking, Expansion Joints, Shot Creting, and Anchoring.