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Composite Reinforcing
Exciting new technologies are dramatically increasing and improving the methods available to reinforce and strengthen foundations, beams, supports and other structures.

CONCRETE RESTORATION SERVICES has long been an innovator in this area, promoting effective ways to reinforce concrete and timber/wood in ways that enhance its strength without affecting its appearance. However, most notable is the role the company has played in the area of carbon fiber reinforcement.

CONCRETE RESTORATION SERVICES recognized the importance and value of FRP carbon fiber and FRP glass fiber applications using them extensively in bridges, schools, parking garages, highways supports, etc.

CONCRETE RESTORATION SERVICES is also the Canadian distributor for the industry leading Replark ® Carbon Fiber and Rotafix technology.

FRP - Carbon Fiber
Concrete Reinforcement
Bridge Decks, Bridge Girders, Beams, Slabs, Columns and Walls

FRP - Glass
Wood/Timber Reinforcement
Glulam Beams, Timber Beams and other wood reinforcement.