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CRS 486 U-LIFT System

Slabjacking/Voidfilling with CRS-486 U-LIFT Foam Technology
Raising and Stabilizing Concrete made simple with New Advanced Polymer Injection Technology

The is CRS 486 U-LIFT System is simple, yet effective.

  • CRS 486 U-Lift Foam System CRS 486 U-Lift Foam (a high density polyurethane resin that is environmentally accepted) is typically injected under the concrete slab through tiny holes the size of a penny.
  • The resin expands rapidly filling voids and cavities.
  • The expansion process raises slabs with controlled precision even without voids.
The CRS 486 U-Lift Foam System has many benefits:
  • Non-Disruptive - little noise.
  • Clean - no "Mud", no "Water"
  • Not affected by Freeze/Thaw conditions.
  • Vehicle traffic within 20 minutes.
  • Provides for excellent under slab insulation.
  • Limited warranties provided.
CRS 486 U-LIFT System features the following:

  • Ensures stability of slabs and control joints where expensive epoxy mortar or repair products are used.
  • Extends the service life of slabs by stabilizing and solidifying the gravel or soil underneath the slab. Huge savings up to 75% of the cost for slab replacement.
  • Eliminates tripping hazards which may cause accidents and liability issues for owners.
  • Reduces differential settlement of slabs which will cause rocking movement under traffic.
  • The injection process is clean with little to no noise causing disruption to the workplace.
  • The repaired areas are restored to use in minutes after injection. Small drilled holes - 5/8" (16mm) diameter are easily repaired after injection - ecstatically acceptable.
  • A cost effective method of raising sunken slabs, leveling and voidfilling.
  • Will provide long-term durability.
  • Will not shrink, settle or wash away with water.
Applications for CRS 486 U-LIFT System:
  • Residential - Driveways, Garage Pads, Patio Slabs, Sidewalks, Voidfilling & Basements Floors.
  • Commercial - Arena Floors, Warehouse Floors, Factory Floors, Strip Mall Floors, Office Floors, Exterior Sunken Slabs, Voidfilling cavities, Raising, Levelling and Stabilizing all types of Concrete Slabs
  • Industrial - Heavy Civil Work, Highway Pavements, Approach Slabs, Equipment Bases , Stabilizing Support Pedestals for equipment, Shop Floors, Airport Runways, Heavy Duty Industrial
CRS 486 U-LIFT System Technical Information:

The density of the expanded Polyurethane foam will vary with the compaction, densification and restrictions during the lifting process.

The density will vary from free foam and unconfined state of 90 PSI (0.6 MPa) to a confined state of up to 1500 PSI (10 MPa) compressive strength.

CRS 486 U-Lift Foam has excellent resistance to most chemicals, solvents, oils and grease. Contact CRS for technical information on the chemical resistance of the product.

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Polyurethane Resin Foam Technology is a proven method of slabjacking, voidfilling and stabilizing concrete slabs worldwide for over 20 years.

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